Changes to Membership

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Having merged The Saucy Gibbon with the Goodies At No Fixed Abode. 

I have made some changes to how people join the Fan club.

To join, you can now sign up via the Saucy Gibbon Forum. And at the end of the registration bit, you should get a Welcome PM with a link to your free membership card. (to keep forever :D)

If you have problems getting your membership card, you can head to the membership thread on the front page (after logging in). 

For existing Saucy Gibbon members (on this forum)… You can also head to the membership thread after logging in to your account.

SG members on the old Saucy Gibbon Forum… You will need to create a new account on this forum to access your membership card. As i am unable to transfer accounts to this forum. 

Membership via The Goodies At No Fixed Abode website

i will be closing the registration system down soon. If you have an account, please create a new account via the Saucy gibbon.  This will be the new place to sign up to the fan club in future. 

Any problems just ask!   :)