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The Goodies At No Fixed Abode Fan Club, is the first UK based Goodies fan club since 1975.

Apart from that one and of course The Goodies Rule Ok Fan Club, (which is based in Australia and run internationally)

And since the arrival of The Goodies Complete BBC boxset last September, being at The Goodies at Slapstick event in January and The Big Goodies news of The Goodies – The Movie Documentary that’s currently being crowdfunded (head to The Goodies  The Movie page for more info).

I think it’s about time The UK had one too!

Yes, The Goodies haven’t been repeated here much since 1982. 

But,  that doesn’t mean to say there arn’t Goodies Fans here in the UK, oh no..

At The Goodies at Slapstick Event in January, The Bristol Old Vic was packed to the rafters with Goodies fans.  And when the chaps came on, the atmosphere was almost similar to a rock concert. 

And at other Goodies events in the past I’ve been to, have been completely sold out each time. 

So there is a strong Goodies fan presence here in the UK too.  From what I can see (despite the lack of repeats on British TV.)

 The Goodies At No Fixed Abode – The UK Fan Club…

It’s the place for good general fun banter and chatter about The Goodies,

Also the place to find Goody news, Clue news, ISIRTA news, Tim, Graeme and Bill news…

If you want to Join the Fan Club visit the Join Us page at the top
For more info. (It’s FREE and is open to all!)

In the meantime though, enjoy your visit and don’t forget to Take Walk in The Black Forest… 

Jenny Doyle

Brown Owl