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If you've never had a chance to listen to I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again - here's your chance! Five episodes are available on BBC Sounds.

Revisit the show that paved the way for both The Goodies and @montypython with At Last the 1948 Show: Almost Complete! Series star @TimBrookeTaylor will be presenting clips and discussing the show with @robinince. #Slapstick2020 #SilentVisualClassic

Tonight’s episode of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue is now on BBC Sounds

8th November is always a day for Goodies fans to celebrate.
Today is 49 years since the 1st ever episode 'Beefeaters' (1970) and 42 years since 'Dodonuts' (1977) went to air. Both classics!


Join @BillOddie in January as he treats us to some of his favourite animated shorts! Who is your favourite cartoon star? #Slapstick2020 #SilentVisualClassic

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