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Only a few hours left to Vote for your Favourite Goodies Episode in Slapstick Poll!

The Goodies 50th Anniversary Poll – The Poll

2020 marks the 50th Anniversary since the broadcast of the first episode of The Goodies! We’ve gone through all 77 episodes with the help of The Goodies themselves (and a few of our celebrity friends) and narrowed them down to 10.


Help us choose the best episode of The Goodies! Choose your favourite from the list below. The episode earning the most votes will be screened at Slapstick’s 50th Anniversary of The Goodies event in Bristol on January 25th in the company of the trio: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, and Bill Oddie.


Tickets and more info can be found here:

To cast your vote head here!



‘Goodies fans asked to choose favourite episode’



An online poll asking fans to choose their favourite episode from surreal 1970s TV series The Goodies has been launched to mark its 50th anniversary.

Chris Daniels, from Slapstick Festival, said it was “about reminding people how great classic comedy was and can be”.

The show starred Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Graeme Garden said: “The BBC gave us free reign and amazing support. It would be difficult to make it today, health and safety would stop it.”

The Goodies was made up of sketches and situation comedy and was written by the three stars, who met at university. It was well-known for its silliness and an early user of chroma key special effects.

Mr Garden said people’s favourite episodes mentioned to him were “Kitten Kong, Radio Goodies, Goodies and the Beanstalk and String”.

Remembering how they came up with Kitten Kong, he said: “Godzilla and King Kong were popular monster movies and we wanted to make one with the least threatening creature we could think of.

“The kitten turned out to be pretty threatening all the same. I remember we were pioneering early technology such as blue-screen – nowadays it’s green-screen.

“For its time the effects were not bad, but I think the audience enjoyed the slightly ropey sequences.”


When asked why the Goodies were still so popular, he said: “Dare I suggest it’s because the show is funny?

“It seems to have lodged in people’s memories pretty firmly, as most won’t have seen it for 40 years.”


All three Goodies will be present when the most popular episode is screened on 25 January at the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol.

Chris Daniels said: “I think there’s something special about watching the work of great artists when they’re present in the room with you.

“The Goodies are a phenomenon and in terms of slapstick their credentials couldn’t be higher – the comedy is intelligent, visual and very funny.

“We’re a nostalgic festival unashamedly and it’s important that these great artists of the past are not forgotten, that they’re still celebrated by fans and also by new audiences.”


Another big fan, comedian Omid Djalili, said: “Without a shadow of a doubt growing up as a child my favourite Goodies episode was Kitten Kong.

“I was already familiar with King Kong v Godzilla, so to see a giant kitten straddling the Post Office Tower was the second funniest thing I’d ever seen.”

When asked about his favourite episode, comedian Matt Lucas said: “Kitten Kong. Seminal.”

Comedian Tim Vine said: “I have a clear childhood memory of the thrill I felt watching the Goodies being chased by a giant Dougal from Magic Roundabout. That’s the episode I’d choose.”


When asked if comedy had changed in the past 50 years, Graeme Garden said: “Yes, although people still laugh at the same things.

“For a time comedy became rather cruel and mean-spirited, but I think the warmth is creeping back.”

He said his favourite episodes “varied from day to day” but said: “Today it’s probably Bunfight at the OK Tearoom. It’s a fun western spoof with some good set pieces.

“And of course the ‘scon/scoan’ debate. But you have to remember there are many shows I haven’t seen for years, and are only faint memories now.”


Slapstick to Launch a Goodies Poll – (As Part of Goodies 50th Anniversary Celebrations!)

This comes from Comedy website ‘’


News: Slapstick Festival To Launch Poll To Find All-Time Best Goodies

Bristol’s Slapstick festival (AKA the UK’s biggest celebration of silent and classic screen comedy) will be launching an online poll on Monday 25 November to find the public’s all-time favourite of the 77 television shows made by THE GOODIES between 1970 and 1982? 

The winning episode will then get a full screening at an event at the Redgrave Theatre, Bristol on Saturday 25 January marking that 2020 is the 50th anniversary of THE GOODIES first airing  on the BBC and at which all three members of the trio – Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie – will be present, sharing anecdotes from the making of the series. 

The poll will use a shortlist chosen by The Goodies and some of their many celebrity fans including Omid Djalili, Tony Hawks, Peter Lord of Aardman, Matt Lucas, and Tim Vine. It will run until the end of this year on the festival’s website – – and its Twitter account – @SlapstickFest


More details on this will come very soon!

Other events at Slapstick 2020!


26 January 2020 1400hrs
Bristol Old Vic Theatre, £14.00 – £18.50

In yet another farewell tour, Baz returns, re-united with Colin Sell who refuses to take no for an answer.

Barry Cryer, still a “Sprightly Veteran” (Undertaker’s Gazette) and Colin Sell a “Legendary Virtuoso” (Pensioner’s Weekly) combine to entertain you with songs, jokes and the amazing realisation that they’re still here.

Running time: 60 mins



Hosted by Rob Brydon
26 January 2020 1700hrs
Bristol Old Vic Theatre, £15.00 – £22.50

Join Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden as they relive their favourite moments from the UK’s most listened to and best-loved radio comedy show “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” in conversation with frequent Clue panellist, Rob Brydon. With Colin Sell on the piano this is a unique and unmissable event for radio comedy fans, for one night only.

Running time: 70 mins



26 January 2020
2000hrs Bristol Old Vic Theatre
£16.00 – £23.50

Performed live on stage in radio comedy style with music and sound effects, The Offstage Theatre Group recreates the anarchic and deliciously surreal legendary radio comedy I’m

Sorry I’ll Read That Again.

Featuring three of the original cast: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. Stand by for full frontal comedy, wicked parodies, glorious puns and manic songs in a medley of Greatest Hits showcase created especially for the Slapstick Festival – plus the unmistakable strains of the Angus Prune Tune and the unavoidable smells of the Rhubarb Tart of Omar Khayyam. Produced, directed and adapted by Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

Running time: 90 mins, plus interval


All these events can be booked via the Bristol Old Vic Website.




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