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Slapstick Festival – Laughter in Lockdown

Slapstick Festival – Laughter in Lockdown

The Slapstick festival are hosting a Laughter in Lock down.  This will now be permanent place here for the Goodies and Slapstick Festival. 

From the Slapstick website….

In recognition of the unique circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment with the ongoing C-19 pandemic, Slapstick have taken the decision to try to make a small difference in the only way we know how – by bringing some laughter into your lives. To this end, from Thursday this week we’ll be sharing previously unreleased footage captured during a selection of the unique events we’ve staged over the past decade featuring, one show every week.

The LAUGHTER IN LOCKDOWN roll-out will start at 10am on Thursday 9 April with film from what is believed to be the last on-stage ‘in conversation’ by Eric Sykes CBE, a comedy writer and radio, film, TV and stage performer who worked with a Who’s Who of stars during his 50 years plus career.

Slapstick Festival: Bill’s Animated Flicks With Bill Oddie

Slapstick Festival: Bill’s Animated Flicks With Bill Oddie

(from Slapstick Festival)

Bill Oddie has a passion for cartoons and a particular love for the more slapstick antics of Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, and of course Tom and Jerry. In fact, The Goodies have always cited both silent comedy and early cartoons as huge influences on their onscreen comedy. In conversation with Robin Ince, Bill shares his passion for visual comedy and reflects on his favourite moments and shorts from classic animations and his beloved cartoons.

Slapstick Festival: The Goodies 50th Anniversary Poll The Result!

Slapstick Festival: The Goodies 50th Anniversary Poll The Result!

(From Slapstick Festival and C&G 222 November 2019)


As fans of The Goodies will know, 2020 is a notable year

for everyone’s favourite surreal, anarchic, innovative and

always brilliant TV series, as it represents 50 years

since the show first aired on the BBC.

To mark this notable anniversary we’ve decided it’s time

to definitively end (or perhaps start!) the argument

“which is the best episode of The Goodies of all time” via

the medium of an online poll!

The Top 5 Goodies Episodes

5. The Movies

4. Goodies Rule – O.K.?

3. Bunfight at the O.K. Tearooms

2. Kitten Kong


Kung Fu Kapers is (by public vote) the Best episode of The Goodies of all time!



Slapstick Festival: At Last the 1948 Show: Almost Complete! with Tim Brooke-Taylor

(David the Snapper)

(from Slapstick Festival)

‘At Last the 1948 Show’ triggered a revolution destined to change the face of TV comedy forever. John Cleese, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Aimi MacDonald, Marty Feldman and Graham Chapman burst onto the nation’s small screens in an explosion of unrelated and often surreal sketches. It paved the way for both Month Python and The Goodies. With a new – as complete as it’s likely to ever be – three DVD/BluRay set released recently by BFI we thought a re-evaluation and a glimpse at the newly discovered footage with series star and Slapstick patron Tim Brooke-Taylor was long overdue. Tim will be in conversation with fan of the series Robin Ince. Followed by an audience Q&A and post-event DVD signing with Tim.



Special ‘Limited Addition’ Goodies 50th Anniversary Artwork available at Slapstick.

From Slapstick Festival Facebook page

Coming along to our The Goodies: 50th Anniversary *Nearly Sold Out* event? We will a special limited edition print for sale illustrated by Gary Andrews! This print will only be available at the the event and will be £20.

Please note this is only available at The Goodies 50th Anniversary Event at Slapstick, head to to find out obtaining tickets. 

Only a few hours left to Vote for your Favourite Goodies Episode in Slapstick Poll!

The Goodies 50th Anniversary Poll – The Poll

2020 marks the 50th Anniversary since the broadcast of the first episode of The Goodies! We’ve gone through all 77 episodes with the help of The Goodies themselves (and a few of our celebrity friends) and narrowed them down to 10.


Help us choose the best episode of The Goodies! Choose your favourite from the list below. The episode earning the most votes will be screened at Slapstick’s 50th Anniversary of The Goodies event in Bristol on January 25th in the company of the trio: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, and Bill Oddie.


Tickets and more info can be found here:

To cast your vote head here!



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