Goodies – The Cricklewood Tapes

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Disc 1

Away From It All Take 5

The Philharmonic Glee Club Rock ‘n’ Roll Band Take 2

Fun Palace Take 1

The One That Got Away Version 2 Take 1

Travelling Theme Take 3

Jungle Drum Link Take 1

Land of Hope and Glory Take 1

Dumb Animals Take 4

Changed Version 1 Take 1

Square Dance Take 2

Far Away Take 3

50 Men in My Life (aka Dreaded Wheat) Take 2

Kitten Kong Take 5

Universe Take 6


Disc 2

Bad Bad Lot Take 7

Spacehopper Take 4

Beserk Take 5

Sunny Morning with You

One More Chance Take 1

Maybe Take 2

Down on the Farm Take 2

A Woman’s Work Take 2

Disc 3

Big Brave Bold Hunka Man

Crazy Man

Les Girls

Waltzing Matilda

Front Page News

Working the Line

Bonecrusher Remix 1

Bonecrusher Remix 2


Shiney Shoes

On the Road


Dodo’s Theme

Sad Dodo’s Theme Take 1

Slave Chase Music


Max Wall Drums

Bless This Horse

Cotton Fields 

The Booklet