I Want The Goodies Repeated on TV Because….

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Goodies Repeats on Television

Now this age old subject is still going on its seemingly endless journey.  We now have our box sets that came out last year.  (Which was our second wish, so we must be thankful for it)  So… A big thanks very much to Auntie Beeb!  🙂

But, the BBC still don’t really care for showing repeats of The Goodies on their channels. (Maybe they are a bit miffed that they went to itv on the whole?)  

But you know, if that is the case then? 

So what?

As a fan all I care about is the show.  (And also don’t care what channel it’s on or been on!)  

You can help to have them back on again.

And you can do this, by heading to this…

Contact the BBC themselves via their contact us form.

To use this form, choose the “contact type” via the drop down menu. Then click ‘Continue’.
Next choose your topic (in this case TV)– then ‘Continue’. Channel/platform type- BBC Two – ‘Continue’.

Then in the next section, of course the programme title would be ‘The Goodies’.
And ignore the date boxes. – ‘Continue’

Fill in your name and e-mail address etc. – ‘Continue’
Then at last you can then voice your opinions on Repeats of the Goodies!

Click submit.

Thank you.