Special ‘Limited Addition’ Goodies 50th Anniversary Artwork available at Slapstick.

From Slapstick Festival Facebook page

Coming along to our The Goodies: 50th Anniversary *Nearly Sold Out* event? We will a special limited edition print for sale illustrated by Gary Andrews! This print will only be available at the the event and will be £20.

Please note this is only available at The Goodies 50th Anniversary Event at Slapstick, head to www.slapstick.org.uk to find out obtaining tickets. 

New Broaden Your Mind Page on GANFA

New Broaden Your Mind Page on GANFA

There is a new page on ‘The Goodies – At No Fixed Abode for the pre-cursor to The Goodies – Broaden Your Mind.

This includes the audio only versions of Broaden Your Mind. (The original episodes are still missing.) Found on Youtube page ‘Audio Only’
If you have any of these episodes (or as the complete two series) in your attic or anywhere. –  Please do send an e-mail to ganfa.ukfanclub@outlook.com  or use this contact form  .


New I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again Tour 2020 Dates Announced!

New I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again Tour 2020 Dates Announced!

From the I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Again Facebook Page

2020 TOUR!

We’ve got a NEW show for you this year but you’ve got one last chance to catch the old show with the original new Wonder Team line-up (we’re at Bristol Old Vic as the Slapstick Festival Finale, with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie joining us, on Sunday 26th January).

If you saw us before, do come back and see us again as there’s new/old jokes and new/old sketches and new/old parodies and new/old songs.

Not all shows are ‘live’ on the websites yet but our dates so far are…

8th February – Sci-Fi Ball Cabaret, Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton – with TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.

6th March – Stroud Subscription Rooms, Gloucestershire – SPECIAL GUEST (TBC).

26th March – Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxfordshire – with TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.

2nd April – Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – with TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.

23rd May – Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton – with GRAEME GARDEN.

5th & 6th June – Wharf Theatre, Devizes – with CLIVE MANTLE & CARLA MENDONCA.

20th June – Artrix, Bromsgrove – with TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.

25th July – The Old Rep, Birmingham – with TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.

More dates to come!

#ISIRTAA #NewShow #Tour2020

Photo by Neil Smith of SOS (c) ISIRTAA 2020

New Lego Goodies Idea!

New Lego Goodies Idea!

This idea for a Lego Goodies set was found on Lego’s website ‘Lego Ideas’ where people can submit their own ideas for new lego kits. To be produced and made available in their shops etc.

The project was created by Goodies Fan Sapphire Sundae in July 2019.

This is the description for the idea…. 

The Goodies was a British comedy TV series that ran from 1970 to 1982 with 9 series and 76 episodes. The show follows three men, Tim, Bill and Graeme who do “anything anytime”. This business led to whaky hijinks ranging from a pirate radio station (S1 E7 Radio Goodies), to a tomato sauce battle in the west (S5 E2 Bunfight at the O.K. Tearooms), to the ancient Lancastrian martial art of Ecky Thump (S5 E7 Kung Fu Kapers).

I propose a Lego set of their iconic Office that served as their base of operations from The New Office (S3 E1) onwards. The set would consist of the Office, the pirate radio station The Saucy Gibbon, a bean bag and punching bag for “Bill’s Bit” along with 21 minifigures , outlining the outlandish and iconic outfits that the trio wear throughout the show. These would include:

  • Classic outfits (Various)
  • Advertising Men/String Vest (S6 E5 It Might as Well be String)
  • Western (S5 E12 Bunfight at the O.K. Tearooms)
  • Cowboy/Black and White/Sampson (S5 E1 The Movies)
  • Lighthouse Keepers (S5 E8 Lighthouse Keeping Loonies)
  • Masked Scouts (S7 E3 Scoutrageous) and Disco (S8 E2 Saturday Night Grease)
  • Captain Graeme (S1 E7 Radio Goodies), Ecky Thump (S5 E7 Kung Fu Kapers) and Maid (S1 E6 Cecily)
  • Extra heads and hairs/hats for Clown variants, with a can of tomato soup (S5 E2 Clown Virus)

The Office (an abandoned train station) would have a removable roof, allowing for the office to open up. The inside consists of “Chez Tim” on one side and “Graeme’s Den” on the other. “Bill’s Bit” would consist of a bean bag and Tony Blackburn punching bag to put in the middle, also including Tim’s gramophone. It would also include theSaucy Gibbon, the pirate radio station disguised as a boat.

NOTE: The set could also include their iconic trandem, though I could not include it, as new pieces are not permitted.

Unfortunately, this project has expired.  But, according to the ‘Official Lego Comment’ on the page, this idea could be resubmitted.  And you can still leave feedback ( via the private feedback section). 

So, if you want a lego Goodies set for next Christmas, head to this link to show your interest for it….


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