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The Goodies are all asleep…


The alarm clock rings.

Which triggers some mechanics.

To help stir Graeme.

Graeme then makes a cup of tea.


Turns the radio on and also has a shave.

But Tony Blackburn is on so that signals an automated mallet. 

Graeme then tends to his breakfast,

and pulls out a hens nest from his bed side cabinet.

Cooks an egg with the help of a fishing rod.

While the egg boils, he collects his morning paper.

Tucks into his egg while looking at the paper.

Pulls down a chandelier to which stores his condiments of salt and pepper.

Then it’s time to get dressed.


There’s a knock at the door and it’s Mr Rupert Wynde-Cheater ,

Marketing Executive of Beechrow Products.

And he want’s the Goodies to come up with

a new name for their bedtime drink Venom.

They think of several ideas including ‘sleepy bo bo’s’. (from Graeme.)

Which disgusts Bill and Tim. 

And eventually they all agree to the name of ‘Snoooooze’ 

The Goodies are busy working on the advertising.

Graeme shows his adverts to Bill and Tim.

Graeme has also been working on a new formula for Snooze

and uses Bill as a guinea pig

Which works in an instant.

Graeme and Tim arrive at Beechrow Products.

To report on their new improved Snooze.

The excutives start to fall asleep.

Then Rupert follow suit. 

They head back to the office.

Bill starts sleep walking.

While Graeme works on the antidote.  Tim goes after Bill.

Tries the Trandem.

Then the Goodies van.

Bill journey continues on top of  a bus. 

Then on to a bridge.

Helps  lady out with her wool.

Catches a football in a park.

Crosses a river by going into it.

And comes out the other side.

Bill heads to the sea.

Then crosses a mine field on the beach.

Goes into a mock ad break.


The Mock Ads

Snooze ad 1


Snooze ad 2





Tim continues his hunt for Bill.

While Bill is located in a forest.

And pushes over a large tree.

Graeme tests his Antidote and takes a sip of Snooze.

But ends up being knocked out.

And follows Bill’s path.

Tim finally catches up with Bill, but Graeme has also arrived.

And escorts both back towards home.

Parks Bill and Graeme for a minute while he gets into the van.

Tries to start the car with some difficulty

Then makes use of the situation. 


When Tim gets back to the office, he immediately pours out the antidote.

And gives some to Bill and Graeme.

Satisfied that the antidote works. 

They make a barrel full and take it to the reservoir.

Graeme puts a teaspoon full into the water. 

The barrel then falls into the reservoir.

Which works. But also energises people too.


Rupert storms into the Goodies office.

Having handed all their stock of Snooze over for nothing. 

Pulls out a gun.


The Goodies get ready and takes some of the antidote.

And sets off down the street.


Tim Brooke-Taylor – Tim and Snooze Couple

Graeme Garden – Graeme, Snooze Couple and Snooze voice-over.

Bill Oddie – Bill, Snooze and Snooze voice-over.

Roddy Maude-Roxby – Rupert Wynde-Cheater

Corbet Woodall – Newsreader.


Uncredited Cast

Nicholas Ward – Director

Julian Gray – Director

Crawford Lyle – Director

Clive Rogers – Director

Micheal Retnell – Director

Janice Hepworth – Phone Voice

Paul Trobea – Extra

Sandra Knox – Extra

Kim Parker – Extra

Kim Spaughton – Extra

Marion Spanish – Extra

Paul Magnani – Extra

Kim Hawkins – Extra

York Mombrey – Extra

Toby Holmes – Extra

J Shane – Extra

Eileen Brody – Old Woman with knitting.

Iris Fry – Woman feeding the ducks

Peggy Weston – Girl on beach

Barbara Shackleton – Girl on beach

Julia Stratton – Girl on beach.


Graham Fleming

Mick Dillon 


Incidental Tracks and Songs

Goodies Theme (first version)


Show Me the Way


Filming Locations


Goodies Office (exterior 

Cordwalis Street











Cecily house grounds on Chauntry Road, Maidenhead – (the big tree being pushed over by Bill)

Bognor beach.


Studio Locations

Ealing Studios

The Goodies Office (interior),

Beechrow Products Board of Directors room

Snooze Mock Ad 1 

Newsreader studio.