Tower of London

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The Goodies Arrive in their new office.

Graeme: “I think I’ve spent your money wisely”

In-which Tim thanks his late Auntie.

Graeme shows Tim and Bill around the newly built office that he designed himself. – Graeme: “designed this place so that we can not only work, but live here 24 hours a day, 7 … weeks a month!”.

The Goodies prepare the trandem and set off for the Tower of London

They arrive at the Tower of London and park their trandem outside.  And for extra security, Bill leaves an inflatable guard dog next to the bike.

The Goodies meet The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Tower. He tells them of that someone been stealing the Beefeaters beef.

While the Sergant-at Arms, explains what’s been going on, he prepares the remaining Beefeaters their lunch of corned beef sandwiches. 

Back at the office, the Goodies try to work out who’s been stealing the Beefeaters beef. They tune in Bill into the computer, while he is having one of his sherbet fountain hallucinations.

– They work out that the reason for the lack of beef at the Tower of London.  Is that someone is trying to steal the crown jewels. 

The Goodies then set out back to the Tower of London, disguised as Beefeaters. 

When they arrive they are greeted by the Sergant at Arms who woefully informs the Goodies that the beefeaters have gone..”They’re gone! Wasted away from a lack of beef.”

Graeme has built an out of the ordinary burglar alarm. Which he tests for the Sergant of Arms.

On the way back to the Sergant of Arms’s office.  A burglar walks past and goes into the room with the crown jewels.   They all go back into the room to investigate.  Discovering that the burglar is there by appointment. 

Whilst in the corridor they spot a suspicious polo player outside through the window.

They head outside to chase after him.  Goodies stand ready to be knocked over by the oncoming polo balls.

They chase the polo player up the street.  But stop for a tourist who wants a photo.

The Goodies loose sight of the mysterious polo player. But soon notices that he has sneaked by behind them. 

The polo player, disarms Graeme by knocking his pike into the ground.

Tim tries to run at the polo player head on with his pike. But having carried it the wrong way he crashes between two trees and spins round and round until he falls over. 

The chase then takes them to outside Buckingham Palace.  Which then makes the Goodies realise the polo players identity. 

Two guardsmen come up to the goodies. Then they swiftly make their exit back home.

Worried The Goodies have lost their business, they get a visit from Black Rod.  Who comes with a message from the Palace. Stating that the jewels in the tower were actually fakes, and they were just replacing them with real ones.  And to save a public scandal – when it comes to the birthday honours list, they will see them  right.  

The Goodies cheer as their business is saved! 

The Mock Ads

Fairy Puff Ad


Goodies Tea Set Ad


Tim Brooke-Taylor – Tim and Fairy Puff man

Graeme Garden – Graeme and Goodies Tea Set man

Bill Oddie – Bill

George Baker – Thrushcote Barnett

Max Latimer – Burglar

Gertan Klauber – Black Rod

Maria O’Brien – The Fairy Puff Girl.

Uncredited Cast

Gertrude Keys – Old Lady

Roy Pearce – Herald

Denis Balcombe – Herald

William Shearer – Beefeater

Teddy Young – Beefeater

Vi Dix – Old Lady with the washing line

Anthony Mayne – Masked Polo-Playing Horseman

David Goode – Barrow Boy

Keth Simon – American Tourist

Geoff Brighty – Guardsman

Walter Swash – Guardsman

Roy Reeves – Guardsman



Incidental Tracks and Songs

Goodies Theme (first version)


Catch Me If You Can

Goodies Tea Set (Jingle)

Fairy Puff (Jingle)



Filming Locations

The Goodies Office (exterior) 

Cordwalis Street , Maidenhead

(image:Kieran Highman)


(image:Kieran Highman)


Cordwalis Road

(image:Kieran Highman)

Other Areas

Parkland around Ealing Studios

Warpole Park, – South Ealing

Buckingham Palace

The Mall

Studio Locations

Ealing Studios

The Goodies Office (interior),

Tower of London inside corridor

Sergant- of – Arm’s Office,

Crown Jewels room.

The Fairy Puff Ad 

Goodies Tea Set