Tribute Page For Tim Brooke-Taylor

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For Tim who passed away in April. 

My best-est best Friend, this is a tribute page for you from all who loved you.

Jenny Gibbon


To send your tributes just use the contact page above.  Thanks

(If wanting to send pictures, please give it as an url – Thanks again)


“Crossing Over”

Tim liked this dream….

Rather than the hot and hectic images of recent days this one was cool and peaceful

He was standing on a bridge over a small river, his mind and vision were clear, and best of al,l the pain in his chest was gone.  He look down at himself, instead of the ugly hospital gown he was wearing comfortable , casual clothing.

Definitely a good dream.

For a while he was content to enjoy the sunlight dancing on the water and the sounds of birds in the nearby trees.

Then he heard the voices.

There were lots of them, but he recognised all of them:  friends and family from out of the past…

He crossed over the bridge and went to meet them all.

From Gillian Moore


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